themes with different color tracks.

A theme where the audio track dynamically changes color to a complimentary color of the prior track. For power users, the look/feel is kind of important (well at least it is for me, anyway). I know I can change the color after it’s been created, but it’d be nice to have it change automatically.

Yeah, agree, the tracks should change their color automatically, beautiful colors, not eye bleeding high contrast atomic colors hahahaha.

I think automatic colour selection would be problematic because there are such widely varying use cases.
For myself, I like to use track colours for logical grouping of similar types of tracks - for example, vocals one colour and instruments another.
For simpler projects, I prefer to avoid the distraction of multiple colours.

Other users may want to alternate tracks between two colours so as to be able to distinguish tracks more easily.

Others may prefer to have all tracks the same colour.

Others may want to cycle through all available colours.

Others may want to cycle through three of the colours, but avoid the 4th choice as a matter of aesthetic preference.

Colour choices are likely to increase in future releases, allowing greater customisation, but this also complicates automatic colour selection further. I suspect the best we will be able to do is to allow easier selection of what colour the next recorded track will be - for example, there could be an optional toolbar for setting the colour for the next track created.

I think this option should be active by default, if you put two different tones of light blue-grey, I don’t think any would find that annoying. At least that’s a step forward. I know if you randomly set colors, you would end up with a rainbow that many people would find confusing and ugly.

I think that using pastel colors is the way to go: