The Window menu is gone, and windows are strange.

OSX 10.11.3

Audacity 2.1.2.

From DMG.

The Window menu is gone. It looks like Audacity is finally getting the new style of windows that OSX has had for several releases, but without a Window menu, it’s very difficult to switch between projects, which is essential for what I’m doing.

Also, when I create a new project, it starts in a window that hides the window toolbar under the Macs toolbar. I can’t move it to another display because I can’t grab it.

Any ideas? I’ve gone back to 2.1.1 for now.

Do you have an odd configuration of multiple monitors or a strange monitor resolution?

Gaming machine?

It’s the green button in the upper left, but you can’t reach that.

In Audacity 2.1.0, the menu bar had Window > Zoom and you could Zoom Full and then Zoom back down to bring the windows back to normal. Audacity 2.1.2 seems to be missing that feature.

So for the time being, I’m not sure.

One of the Google searches mentions temporarily changing the resolution of your monitor. Once you move Audacity in place, it should stick.

The nuclear option is trash the Audacity preferences folder.

Go > Go To Folder > ~/Library > Application Support.

Drag the audacity folder to the trash. Restart.


There’s this:


As Koz said, delete the audacity folder in your application support folder, or more simply just delete audacity.cfg.

You can switch between Audacity windows with COMMAND + ` (backtick).