The wavelength disappears randomly while you're editing

I have recently updated the version of Audacity to v2.3.3 on the studio edit PCs. Feedback is that the wavelength disappears randomly while you’re editing. The PCs are running windows 7 Pro. Previous versions varied from v2.1.2 to v2.3.2.
The example I have attached is of a waveform 1:47 long. It looks like the waveform compresses on the screen and then expands to its correct length.
Is this a version issue with v2.3.3 or a configuration setting.
v2.3.3 wavform issue 2.jpg
v2.3.3 wavform issue 1.jpg

I have some additional information which may help diagnose the issue. See attached video.
The issue happens when the user is using the ZOOM ctrl keys. Zooming in using ctrl - 1, you can see in the video that the waveform doesn’t change with respect to the zoom. You need to hit ctrl - 1 3 times before waveform catches up with quick-play line.