The type of noise "Click removal" unable to remove

Hi! I have a question about getting rid of a noise happens more than once in my voice recording - the noise sounds like “dot”(I’ve attached that segment here) which is too short for “click removal” to recognize the flaw. So when I used that function, my voice’s volume generally goes down and the “click” sound still persists.

I know one of the ways would be just deleting that portion and re-recording the line. Since it happens from time to time in my podcast recording, I wonder if there will be any other fix.
Also, is there’s any way to avoid that kind of glitch? That kind of noise doesn’t happen during my recording but when I re-listen to it. Thanks!!!

There’s a tiny bit of audio missing, but no silent gap , so it’s a buffer problem, see … choppy voice recording - #2 by Trebor

Thanks Trebor for your advice, your workaround file sounds perfect to me but I still fail in my part…I tried to set the buffer length to zero, more clicky sounds occurred; then I tried increasing the value, I found before and after ~20, the result was either more clicky sounds or just like my original file. How did you do to clean that sound? Appreciated your help!!

Manually, see … Click removal using the Spectrogram view - Audacity Manual
If there is a piece missing the repair will probably still be noticeable.

Thank you so much! Got that now:)