The trouble with getting started


I’m using mac os X 10.7.5.
I have a macbook pro.
I would like to import mini disc recordings onto my mac using audacity.
The million euro question, how do I do it? I tried connecting the mini disc player using a jack by plugging it into my headphone. But it doesn’t work.
And the headphone entrance is the only way, i think, to import music.

Am I very far of the truth, or is there light and soft music on the other side op the tunnel?

If anybody can help me, that would make my ears very happy.


MacBook Pros went through three versions. This one where separate Headphone-Out and Stereo Line-In were provided.

Then there was one where you could switch one connection between Headphone Out and Line-In. I think the MacBook Pro 13" did this.

And the latest one which has no Line-In. In that case you’re stuck with the UCA-202 or similar solution.

If you opt for “or similar” make sure the input connection says “Stereo” or “Stereo Line-In.” Adapters like the StarTech ICUSBAUDIO

…are just Mono Mic-In duplicates of a Windows Laptop which won’t do Stereo Line-In either.


If you have a switcher, check in Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Audio for switching control panels.