The track recording levels are very low

The track recording levels are very low so I have to go to effects and press Loudness Normalization… This is getting a bit tiresome… What am I doing wrong… Why isn’t it recording at higher level?

What are you recording from? Maybe you just need to speak louder into the microphone! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I have sorted it…Had the left hand side slide bar too low… On another matter. using a drum machine which is clear as a bell yet I am getting a lot of hiss on the recording… I used the exact same set up last time I used Audacity and never got this… Could it be the microphone thats causing the hiss eventhough I am not using the mic?

Sorted … Thanks anyway


Greeting! I also have this problem, Tascam US122MkII has two capacitor inputs. Input sensitivity cranked up to maximum yet very quiet recorded sound

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