The time line does not move/no recording.

The line that shows what time you are at does not move. I also can’t record anything. Could someone help out. I included a picture so you know what my problem looks like.

The Tascam isn’t sending any data? Can you record from anything else like a built-in microphone? If you can, then there’s something wrong with the Tascam.


Did you install the latest driver and software for Windows 10?

Also how long is it since you did a cold boot? To do that, Windows key, click “Power”, hold SHIFT and click “Shut down”.


Same problem here. Recording time bar only moves when there is some audio playing, else stops. I didnt change any settings. Maybe this was caused by some Windows Update? How to fix?

It’s related to how WASAPI loopback works. When there is no audio stream it stops. (It’s Windows, not Audacity.)

I assume you recording streaming audio? You can try one of the alternatives for [url=]recording the sound coming out of your soundcard