The subsonic.ny plugin will not enable (v 2.1.2)

The subsonic.ny plugin will not enable in the effects manager (v2.1.2, 2016). Is it outdated or something? Thanks.

If you have a problem with Audacity, it is best to post on the Windows board.

Make sure you have Audacity 2.1.2 supplied by us

The only subsonic.ny file I can find is which is mentioned on

This plugin can be successfully enabled (I tried it on Windows 10) by following the instructions at and

If there are problems, exit Audacity and delete the file “Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\pluginregistry.cfg” then try again.


Thanks for that Gale, can you move this to the mentioned category? If so, do and I will try to be more specific… next time…

I do have the latest Audacity 2.1.2

And yes, pretty sure that’s where I got it, “

And I tried everything else you mentioned. I am familiar with adding plugins to Audacity, I have quite a few I’ve added… and never had this problem.

The only thing I can think of is that my computer is Windows 7 rolled back to factory settings (with no additional Microsoft updates, but like I stated, have had no problems). I use this computer offline and do not have internet at home regardless, even if I did want to update it… But it works fine as is and is probably less encumbered with updates this way anyway.

Also, the plugin, subsonic.ny, (copy I have) is 242 bytes in file size. I will download this plugin again to verify the size and retry as well… Thanks.

Okay, now the size is 740 bytes, will try asap… Not sure what happened the first time …it downloaded to a 242 byte file size… Anyway will post results back asap. Thanks.

Yes, subsonic.ny should be 740 bytes.

I moved the topic to the Windows board.


Okay, I have a good download now and it enables as should, thanks…

Question 2.) What is it? How is it different than High Pass Filtering, all I found on it is this, at the same page it’s available for download:

Subsonic Noise

While removing hi-band noise might be considered optional, removing subsonic noise seems mandatory to the writer. In contrast to hi-band noise you can apply subsonic reduction as a step in the mastering process, on the mixed and processed material, before a final Normalize.

Subsonic or low-band noise can enter your recorded material in many ways, such as through physical vibrations during the recording or noise from the tape machine (if you still use one of those).

Everything below 20 Hz is called “subsonic” because the human ear is unable to perceive it as recognisable sound. You can recognize subsonic noise by eye when the zoomed in waveform in Audacity is not symmetrical along the time axis. If you have already applied normalization in Audacity as recommended above, this should have removed any DC offset in the recording. The reasons for removing subsonics are the same as with DC offset - they will reduce the headroom available on the recording by taking up dynamic range, and can introduce clicks when editing.

To remove subsonics from your track you may filter it with:

Audacity’s built in Equalizer under the Effect menu

Audacity’s built-in High Pass Filter under the same menu - set the cutoff frequency to around 25 Hz. You can repeat this same effect a couple of times if a sharper cutoff slope is desired.

This Nyquist plug-in subsonic.ny. Right-click or control-click over this link, and save it as “subsonic.ny”. See how to install Nyquist plug-ins.

After removing subsonic noise you can generally re-normalize your track, and it will appear louder yet much more defined in the bass.

Missing features - Audacity Support.

Just curious, if there’s more info on it, or it is some how different than above quote, thanks.

It’s just a high pass filter like the High Pass filter that is included with Audacity.