the status line says "Actual Rate: 44100"

Win10 Audacity 2.1.2 (.exe install)

What is that status line referring to? Is it the project’s rate? This is confusing.
I have my project set to 192000Hz, but the status line reads 44100.

I just added a new sound card. It looks like I can record 192000 24bit wav files, but did it somehow get processed through 44100? I hope not.

I’d need to check the code to be sure, but I believe that it means that Audacity is communicating with your sound card at 44100.
That should not be a problem for “audio” as 44100 Hz sample rate gives you an audio bandwidth up to 20 kHz, which is the limit of human hearing.

Why do you want a sample rate of 192 kHz?



I am recording sound that needs slowing down from 100% to 72%. I have been getting some bad distortion using my computers internal sound card, so a got a new card “ASUS Xonar DX Audio Device” that should be able to record at 192 kHz with 24 bit. It looks like the card’s driver are working for Windows 10, but their recording software ASUS PMP Lite is not working. So I have no real way to record anything. I need to make sure to be recording at that higher frequency.

Thank you for the link!

It states: “If the ‘Actual Rate’ is different from the project rate then Audacity will resample from ‘Actual Rate’ to the project rate.” I do not understand. My project rate is set to 192000. Recording is recording to 192000 (is it, or is it not?), but ‘Actual Rate’ is showing 44100!?!

Sorry to say, but I am not understanding.

Do I need to change something anywhere else? I have multiple sound cards (devices). I selected Edit > Preferences > Devices and selected my new sound card that should support 192000?

if I use “quote button” I do not see my replay. Is this normal?

I finally figured it out.

I needed to go to Control Panel / Sound / Recording tab / click on Line In / Advanced tab

Pressing the QUOTE button should let you see the text you are replying to in the editing window.

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Would it be helpful to rename Actual Rate to something different? Maybe System Rate or maybe Sound Device Rate. What would really help is to have the text be a link to the “Control Panel / Sound / Recording tab / click on Line In / Advanced tab” window. Just a suggestion.

Perhaps there could be a Help button to the Manual there. That would help for a number of other places in the interface too.

Would “Sent Rate” for playback and “Received Rate” when recording be any better?