The spammers are baaack!

I’ve noticed a lot of spam activity on the forum in the past couple of weeks.

They go through the captcha and respond to the registration email then make 20 posts in 30 minutes.

I’m wondering if there is a forum setting where new users can be limited to one post per hour for the first 24 hours of their membership, or something similar, in order to frustrate these vermin.

– Bill

This has been discussed a few times. There are plans to move the forum over to a new program, so for now it’s just a case of keeping on top of the situation.

I’m also on a totally different forum which also uses PHPbb, and has problems with spammers. There, the moderators would rather we not bother to use the “upside-down-triangle-with-the-!” (upper right corner of each post) to report them when we see them.

What would the moderators here like? Report? or let the mods handle it all?

Most of the spam is really obvious and gets dealt with promptly, but there is no harm in reporting. Reporting is probably most useful when spam has been added onto existing topics.