THe sound of my music?

Is this something that Audacity can help me with, my music went from my oldest desktop to a laptop and to my new laptop. And the sound is getting to the point where I can’t hear it, I am also losing some of my hearing in the last few years too. Which I am going to have to get checked out. But I move my music around trying this program and that program and this and that app. I am now using Google Play, ( is that a dumb thing ) it is on my laptop and phone. So how can I boost, multiple songs that I have at once to make them play louder? Is Audacity a program that can help?

If you copied the music digitally it’s not getting quieter.

Audacity has an Amplify effect and it defaults to whatever gain is required for maximized 0dB peaks. However, most commercial music is already normalized (maximized) and the peaks don’t correlate well with perceived loudness. So, if you maximize/normalize all of your music it will all be as loud as possible but it won’t sound equally-loud.

I don’t know about Google Play. Some music services volume-match the music… And, since some quiet-sounding songs are already normalized/maximized, lots of songs get quieter when you volume-match. You could be a victim of volume-matching. You might try “directly” playing some CDs or MP3s to see if they are louder than Google Play.

But of course, the analog-side matters too… Some devices are louder than others and some headphones are louder than others. And, there is some “new” European standards that limit the voltage from certain portable devices to limit hearing damage. You may be a victim of those new “quieter” standards (even if you don’t actually live in Europe).

I assume you are listening with headphones/earphones? You may be able to find some more sensitive (louder) headphones, or you can buy a headphone amplifier.

If the volume on your computer is turned up to maximum, and it still isn’t loud enough, you need a hardware* solution, e.g. a headphone-amplifier gadget, & heavy-duty headphones to match. [ * rather than a software solution like Audacity ].

Well since I put on my new system all the music is quieter than it was I play the music on a Jam wireless speaker, or on my phone or with headphones. Isn’t there some kind of program that I can elevate the volume of the songs. Even playing it on my laptop it seems like I have my volume at 100 but it is only playing at 50.