the sound is heard in leaps

I have a problem that when I play inside Audacity, the sound is heard in leaps. When I export the sound it sounds good


What does that mean?

I mind, when I reproduce into Audacity the sound go jumping, but when i export it, i can hear well. So i don´t know what i must do.

Thank you so much

It’s probably some other application or process interrupting Audacity. The same thing can happen when recording. If you are running more than one application, try closing everything else. If that doesn’t help try temporarily turning-off your anti-virus and/or your Wi-Fi.

:frowning: This can get complicated… Your multitasking operating system is always multitasking and interrupting, even if you’re only running one application… There is a tool called [u]DPC Latency Checker[/u] that can help track-down whatever is hogging your system and/or there is a [u]Free Online Book[/u] about optimizing your computer for audio.