The recorded sound barely audible

The recorded sound barely audible

I recorded a part of one of my favorite audiobook THE PEARL by John Steinbeck read by Frank Muller.

After recording, I played it to see it was recorded all right.

It’s sound was barely audible.
Before the sound recorded by Audicity gave me excellent sound.

I don’t know what happened.
I clicked this and that but no use.
And then removed the program and re-installed it before recording and playing it again. No use.

Help me to get out of this deadend!

How did you record it? Are you using a microphone? Are you playing it on the computer and trying to record at the same time?

What file format is it? Is it a digital file of some kind? Is it on CD? Is it a copy-protected format?

If you have a digital file, you shouldn’t have to record it (unless it’s copy protected).

It’s an MP3 file as follows : 2-12 The Pearl - Chapter 3l
Since I need a part of it.

First, I opened Audicaty.
Next, I played the MP3 file with KMP program.
When it’s on the part I want to record.
I clicked on ‘PAUSE’
And then I clicked ‘RECORD’ on Audacity program.
Next, I played the file so Audacity record it.
When the part finished, I clicked ‘STOP’ on Audacity.
Lastly, I save the file.

And then I played it only to listen to awful sound!

Why not just import the MP3 file into Audacity (File menu > Import > Audio)
Delete the parts that you don’t want (this does not affect the original file - you are not editing the file, you are editing the Audacity project which has a copy of the audio data).
The “Export” (File > Export Audio).