The Permanence of edits.

Hi, I am using Audacity to edit phone calls by adding a beep tone over information i wish to be removed. When saved and exported can the new file be manipulated to remove the beep tone and recover the original audio? Many thanks in advance.

How, exactly, are you doing that?

That depends on how, exactly, you did it - but probably not.

There is a way to do it but it’s too-late for anything you’ve already done. And it’s easier just to save the save the original recording!

…The trick is to make a separate-complete “beep track” (Track → Add New) and save it by itself so it can be subtracted-out later. It has to be
the same EXACT track because the timing & phase have to be sample-for-sample identical.

Also, both tracks have to be volume-adjusted for peaks of -6dB (or less) so the mixed audio doesn’t clip.

Then to subtract it out, open the mixed track and the tone-track in the same project and run the Invert effect on the tone-track. When they are mixed again, the tones will cancel and you’ll get the “pure” voice back. (Or you can invert the mixed track but it won’t work if you invert both.)

I suspect that OP wants to ensure that the audio in that section cannot be recovered.

In which case I’d suggest not just overlaying a beep, but silencing the section as well, using Ctrl-L or edit > remove special - silence audio. And only then adding the beep.

Thanks for the replies apologies for the dealy. my hope is that once the change has been made eg a beep tone instead of the original audio then that is how it remains, I’ve had a few people try to undo it this end and recover the original audio but this hasn’t been achieved as yet.

Thanks for confirming that. In that case I’d definitely suggesting silencing the section and then adding the beep.