The only reason I'd save a PROJECT FILE is to record the HISTORY of edits

Please implement the most OBVIOUS USE of a PROJECT FILE ?

Perhaps you could say more about why “the history of edits” is important to you.
(The most important aspect of the Project file for me is that it retains separate clips, tracks, labels, and other project specific features that “go away” when rendered to an audio file).

I maybe use Audacity just a few times a year.
Anything I discover that I might use again is easily forgotten and I’d have to go thru the whole process of trial and error to rediscover it.
But I WILL remember that I did it to song x 6 months ago or a year ago …
So all I’d have to do is open song x’s project file to see the edits I want for song y.
PS better that having to name files “Ave Maria Bruckner 09-15 COMPRESSOR THRESHOLD all the way left LIMITER LIMIT-5”

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