The notes do not ring and the sound gets muffled when recording

I have been using audacity for several months but a month ago, I deleted it. Today, I started to use it again. I never had any issues with sound in the past, but when I started my first recording after a month, the sound quality was awful and the sound was muffled. About the notes not ringing issue, I don’t know how to describe it in detail but I will sample of a recording, along with a clean sound that I record on my phone. Also I attached what it looks like on audacity when recorded. In the picture, there are 2 half notes, they look kinda faded out, but automatically. I hear them like 2 sudden thump sounds

How do i fix that issue? I tried disabling sound enhancements but it won’t help, it makes the quality even worse. I do not know which information about audacity settings I should give. If someone could tell me what system info or audacity info to give, I will provide it. But I must add that when I use my phone as the input device instead of relatek audio, the problem is solved. So I dont think that the problem is in the Audacity itself, rather it is in the input device.Thanks to everyone for your further assistance.

It sounds like there is some sort of “automatic gain” / “automatic level control” effect.
I’d suggest that you try poking around the Windows sound settings some more. Also look for a “control panel” for your sound card.

It definitely sounds like a sound system problem rather than an Audacity problem.

Three thoughts:

  1. Can you mute your computer speakers while you are recording?
  2. The microphone on your smartphone may be of much higher quality than that of a laptop microphone.
  3. I know it shouldn’t make any difference, but can you get your microphone closer to your instrument ?

I tried disabling sound enhancements

You tried disabling Windows sound enhancements. Do a clean shutdown (Shift + Shutdown) wait and then Start. Do Not let Skype, Zoom or any other chat programs start.

That better? Even if it didn’t solve the problem when you did that, did it change?? Some games do this, too.

Chat programs hate music. The long tails on notes “look like” room echoes and chat echo suppression kicks in.

Which phone app and which phone? You have correctly identified the desperation method. iPhones have built-in Voice Memo, but the better one is add-on Music Memo.