The many years problem with Chris Compressor

Dear specialists! Often, about in every sixth file, applying of Chris Compressor causes a distortion in the end, like this (zoomed in on purpose). It happens, when the effect is applied in a chain. When it workes alone, it may be less frequently the same problem. How is it, why? The problem tortures for many years, though I can easily delete the damadged section. Please, help!

The link to audio (ffmpeg is needed to import). If necessary, I can send many other files with the problem.

If you must have a Nyquist compressor, (rather than the lovely real-time compressor plugins), try LevelSpeech2.ny ,
(yes it has “speech” in the name, but if you increase the rise/fall times it works with music).

Can somebody direct email to the plugin developer?

You’ll need a medium.

Can somebody direct email to the plugin developer?

No. Chris Capel reached End-Of-Life.

I like using Chris’s Compressor, but I just have to know that Chris is a look-ahead compressor and doesn’t deal well with the end of the show. The solution is to make the show longer than needed and let Chris damage a portion that’s not valuable and delete the damage later.

When I was doing processing weekly, I applied it to a downloaded show that had promotion and coming attractions at the end. I cut them off so I never ran into end distortion.

The reason Chris seems to work so well is that it duplicates broadcast transmitter processing. I change the first value, Compress Ratio from the default 0.5 to 0.77 and it duplicates perfectly the broadcast station in Pasadena, CA. Since the station never goes off the air, they don’t run into this end problem either.


Too bad.

Do you know the story? He designed it so he could listen to opera in he car. It was a music design from the start. He was constantly adjusting the volume when the sound went from full orchestra to one singer at the back of the stage.

I don’t know if he knew about the broadcast part, but transmitter processing had exactly the same problem—and they solved it the same way.


As a variant, I try more often to clean main memory (RAM). But t doesn’t solve the problem.

But t doesn’t solve the problem.

Chris wasn’t a software designer so his design paid strict attention to what the music was doing and none at all to conventional processing or historical precedent. Probably one reason it works as well as it does. He didn’t come to the party with one tool. You don’t have to pay any attention to settings except possibly that first one and it just works.

There were two versions in the wild. 1.2.1 and 1.2.6. They’re both labeled compress.ny and they are both Nyquist projects. You can open either of them in your text editor and read them (do not save anything). 1.2.1 has comments that he didn’t much like the way it worked. 1.2.6 has comments and instructions about advanced settings. Scroll down on each one.

Also note there are two “versions” in each program. That’s misleading. The first one, near the top, is the Nyquist version. The second one, further down is the Program version.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.12.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.14.00 AM.png
Make sure you have the latest (last) one.

There is a hint about that end show damage. Whether or not you get it depends on what the show was doing right before the end. Remember, look-ahead processor, and it can’t always tell where it’s going. Having the show suddenly end would freak it right out.


You can see it in your illustrations. The show with silence right before the end has massive damage. The show with music closer to the end has much less damage.

If I was experimenting with this, I might put some really low pitch tone at the end of the show, like 30Hz. Nobody can hear that. Just put something there in place of silence.

Duration will be the hard part. It has to be tone when the show ends.

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 09.24.35.png

At first, about three years ago, I used the old version (at that time it was the latest), I don’t remember it’s number. Then the update was released (or even two times) and in this way I switched to the current version (1.2.6). All had the same problem. I think the problem is solvable. Because sometimes a simple computer restarting helps.

Broadcast compressors have a “Give Up” setting. If the show spends a bit of time quieter than a set value, that’s not show any more. Stop trying to make it louder.

There was a TV show called “Parker Lewis.” One of the characters would always overdo everything and the catchline was “Jerry, stop helping.”