The effect sc4_1882.dll

I can’t find the page, how to use it. Please, help.


The easy way to find effects in the manual is to click on the “Effects” link in the Navigation panel on the left of each page of the manual. That will take you to this page, which lists all of the shipped effects:

Thank you! You could have found it on the page, where the effects are in alphabetical order. By the way, why this effect doesn’t turn off. When you install (in Add/Remove Plug-ins…) “Disabled”, the next time you start it changes to “Enabled”.

In addition, it turned out that it doesn’t close after application. You still have to click “Close”. Please correct.

Please read the instructions before complaining:

Tell me, please, when discussing the effect of “Bass and treble” the idea of ​​the option “Close after application” was suggested. Is it possible to provide and in this case?
And from “Bass and treble” refused, including because of the “real-time preview”.

Would you like me to log your interest in this feature:
“Real-time preview effects to have a method to apply and close in one go”

Thank you!

Question about the effect. What are the “Effect Output” lines (Amlitude, Gain reduction) for? At me they remain empty, both before and after working.

This effect was not written specifically for Audacity. It is a “plug-in” effect, primarily intended for “real-time” processing. When used in a real-time DAW, those two lines will show the input signal level and the output signal level. In Audacity, they may do nothing.

Thank you!