The Debug button is sticky?

I was playing with ChannelMixer and decided to hit the debug button to look at the preset parameters. Fine. Then I tried it again with a different preset but hit the OK button - and the debug window appeared!

Upon investigation, the use of the Debug button appears to be stored on an effect by effect basis, and once you’ve used the debug button in any given Nyquist effect, clicking the OK button will always invoke the debug dialog in that effect.

It appears that the only way to clear this is the quit and restart Audacity.

Tested on Audacity 1.3.13-alpha-Sep 21 2010, Mac PPC OS X 10.5.8.

– Bill

That shouldn’t happen and didn’t on previous versions versions, but confirmed on Linux.
It could perhaps be useful in a few situations, but generally not.
I think I’d be happy if debug could be permanently enabled within the plug-in code as that could be a useful feature for plug-ins that need to output sound and text.

I’ve not tested thoroughly for ways to “reset” the debug button, but users should not need to.