The Basics

What do I do if I cannot get any sound out on record or playback( I have done all the suggestions)
And if none of the ‘edit’ options are active.
Basically I cannot get it to do anything at all!!
All I want to do is record and remove noise from vinyl records.
Help, someone, please all the printed info is completely useless I do not have a Ph.D in electronics.

Printed info? Audacity, which is free audio editing software, doesn’t have printed info. Are you using some piece of equipment that came bundled with Audacity, like a USB turntable? If so, the problem may lie with this equipment or with the way it is interacting with your computer. You might still be able to get help here (from people more experienced than me), but you’ll need to provide more information about what you’re trying to do. --Allen


No, but we’re going to need a bit more information. What precisely are you doing? Like, “I bought an ION USB turntable and I’m going to connect it to my Mac PowerBook G4 running Tiger and I want to record my records to Music CDs in iTunes.”

We need sentences like that, rich with detail and model numbers.