The Audacity Noise Removal Algorithm

I work on the tones generated by striking piano keys. I gather the data using Audacity but I do the processing offline using Matlab. I would like to use the Audacity noise removal algorithm via a Matlab script. Does anyone have such a script and would they be willing to share it?

Alternatively, I would like to construct a Matlab script that uses the Audacity algorithm. I see that there are several internet posts that describe the algorithm qualitatively. I have written a script derived from those comments but it clearly is not detailed enough. Can someone point me to a document that explains the algorithm in detail sufficient for a Matlab script construction?



As there has been no reply, I guess the answer is no.
However, the source code for the Audacity “Noise Reduction” effect is open source (GPL v2) and freely available here:
If you prefer to use the old “Noise Removal” effect code: