I have to say that the administration on this forum come over as very condescending in the replies I have received.
I am not a new user to windows or audacity but I have been made to feel like an absolute idiot .
When I say I have no other option to do a task that is what I mean so a reply telling me to read what was written is not an answer.
I will find an answer to my problem on my own as this help facility has proven to be no help at all .
I am aware this will most likely not get posted but at least my views have been read by admin

Sorry but any of the solutions I posted will enable you to attach an MP3 to an e-mail. We have spent a lot of time making suggestions how to help you with something that isn’t even an Audacity problem.

If you don’t have right-click the MP3, Open with and click “Choose another app”, then your Windows 10 is broken and you should reinstall it.

If you want to use some other solution than the many you have received that is up to you, but this is the Audacity Forum and our priority is helping people with Audacity. We already gave you a link to the Windows 10 forums.


Thanks but my problem never has been HOW to attach a audacity files to emails but the format the files are now being saved automatically by audacity but never mind I will stop using audacity

I don’t see that from anything you wrote in You say there

I can however -by right clicking the icon -open the files to play in windows media player

So you can play the exported MP3 in Media Player, correct?

The default MP3 type changed in Audacity 2.1.2 from Constant Bit Rate 128 kbps to Variable Bit Rate Preset 2. You have not said what version of Audacity you are using, but the exact MP3 format is not causing Remote Procedure Call (RPC) error.

If you do have a problem with the Audacity MP3’s playing on your clients’ machines then choose Constant Bit Rate when you export. In Audacity 2.1.1 or earlier, click the “Options…” button to expose the MP3 encoding options where you can choose “Constant” Bit Rate.

What is probably causing the RPC error is that you have MP3 showing as a document icon. This means that you do not have MP3 properly associated with a media player. If you can’t fix that by using right-click > Open with (see the pictures at ) then see how to choose default apps by file type in Settings.

We can’t help you recreate on Windows 10 the exact arrangement that you had on Windows 7 unless you describe exactly how that arrangement worked or what app you were using that played MP3s and/or e-mailed them. Windows Media Player is the default app on Windows 7 for MP3 but it cannot e-mail MP3’s. That is why I suggested you simply install an e-mail client that is supported in Windows 10. A good client will probably create right-click “e-mail” or Send to > Mail recipient context menu items.