Thanks to whoever tidied up the UI on this forum

Many thanks to whoever recently tidied up the User Interface on this forum - I suspect it was Gale Andrews from the burst of recent activity from that corner.

The revised UI should make it more obvious where folks should post their queries - rather than just dropping them all over the place in a random heap - let’s hope so …


Hi Yes it was me. We can’t go on with about 50% of postings going in the General category. I have now dropped General right to the bottom of each Forum. Even if someone asks something pretty general like “how do I extract audio from my DVDs” you can actually give them a far more useful answer (what software to use) if you know their OS. I’ll go through the General categories in both versions and answer some where we may not have an answer to that type of question so far, delete similar questions that were never answered, and move as many others as possible into the proper forum for the OS (assuming 1.2 if not known otherwise). If anyone has time to help with some of this, that would be great.

Thanks to everyone who regularly answers questions here.