Thanks for v3.4.2 - ambitious development - still that one problem, though

I stopped to consider what a gift is it to be able to download and use such software at no cost, especially since Audacity is the editing software that I’ve used for the longest, and still use it for a some particular features. With the addition of the beats/measures grid in v3.4, Audacity is even more useful, if not even more usable, for me than ever. I also appreciate being able to select export formats and enter metadata more conveniently in the export process. All in all, the ease of use, added features, and the thoughtfulness of the “experience” design have seen some tangible, valuable improvements. If/when Audacity becomes fully-compatible with VST/AU MIDI instruments, I’d end up doing some projects entirely within Audacity.

Only one complaint, same as with the v3.3: I need to be able defeat plugin-scanning in the Preferences. Having to cancel the scanning as the application is opening is distractive, and should be optional.

I think Muse may be considering doing something about that - maybe a preference or option to turn it off.


Ideally, it would not only be defeatable or selectable, but the sort of plugins to be scanned (or not) should be selectable. It scans virtual-instrument plugins as well as effects plugins; that distinction should be made. Since I’m on Mac, I have AU, VST, VST3, et al., in addition to the stock Audacity plugins. Being able to select which species of plugin to scan would be useful.

@MMBMM what I do when I don’t want effects scanned is to “hide” them by renaming the folder they live in. One can always name them back when need later in Audacity or elsewhere.


It’s unfortunate that you have to go through the trouble of such a workaround.

Yes, but at least it works. :wink:

I have a few sets of plugins that I occasionally need for QA testing, but I don’t want them littering up my normal Audacity use -or delaying launch.


Delaying launch is the problem. My point is that one shouldn’t have to deal with it, and which species of plugins is to be scanned could also be selectable. I also use Logic Pro, which understandably scans for new AUs added since its previous opening, but I also use Adobe Audition, which gives one the option of scanning or not, and also to include plugin folders or not (AU/VST). Sometimes I use Audacity with Logic or Audition open, or alternatingly, in which case your workaround would not work for me, but I also wouldn’t want to mess with putting the plugins back as they were just to be able to use another application that uses them.

The more that I have to explain or justify my position, the more that I feel that I seem an ingrate, which is hardly the case. I greatly appreciate having been able to use Audacity for a long time, and to have watched it be developed for the better. It’s just that for all that progress, this one matter seems a matter of inexplicable negligence.

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