Thanks for the advice.

I’m only producing my second book for Audible through ACX.

But I have to say that this forum, more than any other I found for narrators on the internet, was by far the most useful in finding out how to record and produce audio files at a level which would be acceptable to Audible.

Here, there are knowledgeable people on the subject, with knowledgeable advice, making the process - well, “relatively” simple. Definitely understandable.

Advice for coaches and acting lessons is common on other sites, but the advice about recording and mastering can be - well, far less… impressive.

I think I may have been still floundering about - or even given up - without this forum.

Thank you all!

Thanks for your kind words, and very pleased to hear of your success.

We stopped communicating directly with ACX when we found ourselves talking around each other. We would ask about sound levels and they would respond with promotion recommendations and billing methods and formats.

They got better at it. They have ACX Audiolab now where you can submit samples for technical measurements, but it doesn’t measure noise and it doesn’t tell you if your voice is theatrically OK.

They used to. They used to accept a short segment for review by an actual human. That’s how I found out I shouldn’t quit the day job. I don’t think they do that any more.


Thanks for submitting your sample, “MaxsCafe3.mp3”, for review. You are off to a good start here but there are improvements needed before we’d consider you ready for audiobook production. Below are the issues to address:
There is a bit of mouth noise throughout the recording…

I should contact them and find out more. I think the personal, detailed analysis vanished with the arrival of the virus. Everybody on earth tried to read audiobooks from home, and half their staff called in sick.

It’s a very serious problem when they make you read the whole book before you find out your voice is trash. That’s one of the reasons the forum suddenly got important. We can do technical evaluations including noise and we can tell you your voice is trash.

Yours isn’t.

What are you putting on your business card?