THANK YOU for Audacity!

I don’t remember if I have said this already…

I’d like to THANK YOU for this amazing, FREE audio editing program…which allows so many people all over the world to create their audio productions.

The amount of work you have put into creating it and then maintaining and continuosly updating, and providing such a great free support - is truly OUTSTANDING.

Since Audacity has been around for so long, it’s so easy to take it for granted…

I wish to recognise your amazing work and THANK YOU for Audacity - it has made my (production) life so much easier… :slight_smile:

Greetings from Oz :sunglasses:
Anna :mrgreen:

We are pleased you are able to make good use of Audacity.

it’s so easy to take it for granted…

Also easy to take for granted is the orange “Donate” button at the top-right of the forum lead page.

It’s our version of “Like Us.”


I don’t know what to say.
A simple “thank you for your kind words” is all that I could ever expect in response.

You have just trashed my heartful gift of recognition, praise and appreciation.

I’m sorry it means nothing to you as all you care about is donations.

If profit - rather than helping people - is the main driver for this project, why don’t you just sell it for a fee.

That is a little harsh - this is not a profit-driven outfit - it’s an open-source project “staffed” entirely by a small handful of volunteers (of whom I am one) who donate their spare time.

What the donations get used for is mainly to pay for the servers and the hosting that we need to run the project - and for the sadly necessary security services and infrastructure to protect against hackers and miscreants.

We also prefer to receive donations in preference to peppering our website with pop-up advertisements - many of which on the Internets contain Trojan Horses and malware - we prefer that as a method to fund the required infrastructure.

But yes we really do appreciate your kind words and appreciation for Audacity - thanks for that.


Glad you like it. :slight_smile:

yes we really do appreciate your kind words and appreciation for Audacity - thanks for that.

You are welcome.

I understand the purpose of donations for a project such as this.

I was just taken aback by your colleague’s reply devalueing my positive feedback and asking for money instead.

It’s just… one those comebacks you are lost for words to address.

Anyway, let’s move on.

I’m not sure if you are able to see Koz’s user profile, but it says:
Practicing Curmudgeon

(and for the record, Koz has never accepted a single penny / cent over all the years he has helped fellow Audacity users here on the forum).

By the way, how are the custom keyboard shortcuts working out for you?