Thank you, Audacity Team!

No problem, here. Just a note to thank everyone who helps us with such a fabulous program.

I’ve been intending to thank you for some time, but the incident that got me to actually do it today was a little click in a sustained last note on the vocal of a short piece I wrote. I figured I’d have to re-record the note and paste it in like I usually do, but suddenly I thought I’d zoom in to see if I could see the click first. I zoomed in more than I ever have so I could actually see the single sound wave oscillations. Sure enough, there was the click, so I just selected it, making sure that the beginning and end of the selection were at zero crossings, and then deleted it. When I played it back, it sounded perfect. Wow. That saved me a lot of time.

And I’ve been meaning to make a donation, so I just did that too.

Thanks to everyone on the Audacity Team. We appreciate you so much.


It’s nice to know we got you out of trouble. If you have any more problems, just drop in. Koz

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the donation - appreciated.

The other approach you could have used, provided the damaged audio was less than 128 samples would be to select the damaged audio and then use Effect > Repair

This will interpolate a new waveform for the selection based on the surrounding audio. See this page in the Manual:


Thank you, Koz. And thank you, WC. I’m glad to know about the Effect > Repair technique. I’ll add that to my Audacity notes. Since the fix I did was on the last note, removing a small segment didn’t cause any timing problems. But if it had been at some other point, it would probably have knocked the vocal out of sync with the instrumental. In that case, it would be necessary to repair rather than just delete.