TH3M (Sequencer Button Labeler)


Just updated the sub-button graphics of the 2.7 from:

makes them a bit easier to read.
TH5M-v02.8.NY (38.3 KB)
Also, sub-buttons work well for double BPMs (example 70 and 140)
but not so well for 1.5x BPMs (example 70 and 105).

Here’s a “neat” BPM length log…
BPM LLL (LFL01)-v02.0.xls (486 KB)
BTW-You can use the same time lengths AND file sizes for double the bpm.
For example:
70 bpm and 140 bpm
71 bpm and 142 bpm
72 bpm and 144 bpm
…saves a bit of time trying to fill such a thing up, just make sure
you get the measures right: 2 measures will equal 4 measures at
double the bpm.

POST-EDIT NOTE: 2.6 had a bug in it…read below
Well, I’ve been trying to get the sequencing down for some regaee tunes and
been having big trubles mon.

Many times, the beat is off-sequence (not on the button time), requiring me
to manually record how far off sequence it is…EXAMPLE: +0.123456 from
Measure 01 Button 03’s start time.

This can get tiring, and, as someone who hopes someday for 8 decimal
point support from all my audio products, rather defeating.

So, my answer is sub-buttons. For each of the 16 buttons in a “measure”,
there are 16 sub-buttons. So, you could put M01B03SB02 as when the
sample plays now, mon…

I’ve updated TH3M for sub-button support. It still works the same, the
only real UI changes are:

  1. Auto ON/OFF is now TYPE
    1 = Auto-OFF (no subs)
    2 = Auto-OFF (with subs)
    3 = Auto-ON (no subs)
    4 = Auto-ON (with subs)


  1. Works well, created for, and tested on: Audi126
    *Should work on yer 1.3+ Audi, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to
    see if the time division is accurate due to the changes in the
    time reader thing.
  2. Works well, created for, and tested on: Windows Vista64
  3. Language: XLISP/NYQUIST

TESTED: 1 Day, Checked output.

One thing to note is you can easily change/hack the plug-in to
change the “look” of the text labels (even for subs). Just
remember to make sure that text is in quotes…

Was doing some hand-sequencing today and noticed a bug in 2.6.
The manual button length wasn’t working correctly as my input processor
was dividing it by 16, thus making an effective “Manual Measure Length”
function, but not what was intended.

Other than that, it’s still the same…

This version has been fixed:
TH5M-v02.7.NY (38.3 KB)
Can’t believe only 12 people in the world would find this usefull or
helpfull. Sniff…