Text Assistance



I’m partially sighted and having problems reading text in this window (see tweet (link above) for image as I couldn’t find a bit to upload a picture here - admins please feel free to take the screenshot from my tweet and stick it in here if you prefer - thank you).

Ideally I’d like the text in this window to be larger so if there’s a way to increase the size of the text in this window?

Or a zoom in feature somewhere I’m not aware of?

Any advice would be appreciated.


That window is called the “Metadata editor”. Unfortunately Audacity does not provide any way to zoom or increase the size of the text.
I rarely use Windows, but perhaps the Windows Magnifier would help. See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/use-magnifier-to-make-things-on-the-screen-easier-to-see-414948ba-8b1c-d3bd-8615-0e5e32204198

Hi Steve

Thanks for fixing the image for me.

I had no idea a Windows Magnifier was even a thing so I’ll definitely check that out.

Thanks for the heads up.