Terrible static and noises in recording from a tape player?

I’m recording from a jukebox and it’s always worked before, but I get nothing but static and other noise in the recording. I can hear the voices and music in the background, but barely. Why is this happening?
I have these options when recording:

  • MME, Windows Direct Sound & Windows WASAPI
  • Microphone Sound Mapper - Input & Microphone (IDT High Definition
  • 1 (Mono) Recording Channel & 2 (Stereo) Recording Channels
  • Microphone Sound Mapper - Output, Speakers/Headphones (IDT High & Digital Output (S/PDIF) (IDT Hi

The tape player is connected to my computer via microphone wire that’s always worked fine.

I tried to find instructions for the setup, but all of the instructions are for older versions of the program. Can I get any head recording a cassette tape from a tape player to my computer?

Thanks for any help,

Does the jukebox work when you plug it into your stereo? Are you sure there is a signal coming-out?

Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are turned off.

You might be recording from your laptop’s built-in microphone.

Is this the same computer? Does your computer have a separate mic-input and headphone-output, or a combo jack?

The combo jack requires a special 4-condutor TRRS plug to make the microphone connection. (Regular headphones will work fine.)

What kind of output does the jukebox have? I’m assuming line-level RCA jacks? In any case a microphone input can work but it’s “wrong”. A line-level (or headphone) output is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal so the mic input has too much gain. And, the microphone input is almost always mono.

The line-input on a regular soundcard in a desktop/tower will work better, or you can get a USB audio interface with line inputs.

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