Tengo varias preguntas!

I have a couple of questions:

First: I want to use my winamp player into a track. As in I want to record on the fly the music thats playing in my winamp so I can then edit it. I want to do that without a mike. How can I do that?

Secondly: Does Audacity supprts the EZDrummer ? Im a vista user and try downloading the vst bridge 1.1 but then my audicity wont load. I have to uninstall and reinstall audacity again without that plugin. So… can I use EZ drummer, if so, how can I install the vst plugin in my vista computer?

Third: I want to use plugins, compression plugins. Where can i download free plugins so i can use those in my tracks -like reverbs, pannings and compression?

Last: Is there a nice tutorial i can use for this software?