"Temporary files directory" in tmpfs


I have ubuntu 22.04 and latest audacity.

I changed my /tmp to be tmpfs, so at every reboot tmp start as empty, do not retain any directory created in it.

If I set audacity “Temporary files directory” as /tmp/ and restart audacity, it says it does not have a temporary directory.
If I create /tmp/audacity as user running audactity and set it as “Temporary files directory” then audacity can use it.
Problem is I will need to pre-create this /tmp/audacity after each restart.

Strange thing noticed is that if /tmp/audacity is own by root with 777 audacity cannot use it and complain again
it does not have a temporary directory.
If I change the owner of /tmp/audacity to OS user running audacity then it start ok.


Maybe you could create a startup script to automatically create that directory on each reboot.

I know about possible workarounds,
I only reported this in case there is some ‘inconsistency’ in how audacity use ‘temporary files directory’.

If that’s something specific to linux, we can close this as solved.


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