Tempo Fluctuations on Playback (v. 2.0.1)

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Version: 6.1.7601 SP1 Build 7601

A file I recorded sometime ago and have stored as an .mp3 (Bit rate = 192kbps @ 44100 Hz, 16 bit) plays back in perfect tempo in Winamp. (v. 5.622 (x86) - “Whips the llama’s ass!”) However, when playing back in Audacity, as well as the uploaded version on SoundCloud, the tempo fluctuates (speeds up and slows down) throughout playback.
I would like to cut length from the 6 second silent intro, but see no point if these fluctuations are present. Any/all suggestions are welcome. Mahalo. (>]:astonished:)~

:astonished: Very strange… I assume the pitch is affected too? Speed (tempo) and pitch are related to the sample rate (44.1kHz).

…plays back in perfect tempo in Winamp.

There is an option in Winamp for sending the output to a WAV File. Go to Options → Preferences → Plug-ins → Output and select Disk Writer. If that gives you a good file, you can edit the WAV with Audacity and export to MP3 (assuming MP3 is what you want).

This happens so rapidly and randomly that it’s more like a “jitter” as opposed to a “wow & flutter” effect. If the pitch is changing, it is not nearly as pronounced as the erratic timing. Clearly, though, it speeds up (slightly) and then, slows down (slightly) and even seems to “skip” very rapidly at times. I’d almost feel better about it if the Winamp playback was also inconsistent, but it’s perfect, i.e. exactly as recorded. Thanks for the .WAV conversion suggestion. I’ll give it a try after making a copy that also plays with no issue in Winamp, so as not to chance corrupting the original. Aloha. (>]:astonished:)~

Could you post the sound cloud link.

The “effect” is subtle, (sort of) but it’s there. Originally based on a stored sequence in my Roland/Boss DR-5, this was obviously metronomed, though I usually added “2” on the “swing” variance, to help give it a less mechanical field. FYI: I am the only performer/programmer on the track. Thanks for your concern/assistance. And, I do think Audacity is audacious. (>]:astonished:)~

OK, it’s not “subtle” at all! Yikes!!! (>):*oO~

It plays OK here. No noticeable fluctuation in the tempo other than a little “swing”. There’s a bit of a “wobble” on the lyric “Fools Ride Out” when the backing vocal sings along, but I presume that is a stylistic thing rather than a technical fault.

Strange that it plays OK in WinAmp but not in other players on your computer. Check in the WinAmp settings (options) - is it using “Direct Sound” for playback?

OK, I re-recorded it from the Winamp playback = problem solved, just not explained.
#1 - the tempo is noticeably more slow and consistent.
#2 - without the fluctuations, the bass line is much less “muddy”.
#3 - 1st verse: “New Age Purple Sage Great Escapers” - there’s no “hiccup” on the Winamp Playback version, which almost starts to sound like the Antares “vocoder” effect that has been SO over used in recent “Modern R&B” and “Hip Hop”.

Please tell me you can hear the difference between these two recordings. (?) I may be “particular”, especially with regard to my own material, but my ear can’t be THAT discerning. Thanks. (>]:astonished:)~

Yes I can. From your previous description I was expecting something a lot more severe, but yes, when you know what to expect it is quite noticeable.
The first version is “skipping” bits. It’s not actually “speeding up” (as when a tape plays too fast) but “missing bits out” (more like when a CD “skips”).

See here for some ideas of what may be the underlying cause: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Managing_Computer_Resources_and_Drivers

Good information, and thanks again for your assistance. I have planned for some time to build a dedicated DAW, but in the meantime, the “one CPU does it all” approach is in effect. Aloha. (>]:astonished:)~