Tempo control ...

I’m using HP Pavilion dv5 / MS Vista and installed Audacity 2.X from the .exe installer.
I had a hard time to adjust the tempo (speed) when I practice the guitar. If I adjust the tempo below or above the speed recorded,
I heard the sound too fast or too slow like to listen to a tape recorder with different speed. I did not have this problem when I
I tried SONGSURGEON … I adjusted the speed bar and click the GREEN arrow on the left side of the bar but it does the same thing.
If any ones know, please help me. I appreciate this very much…
Thank you

The Audacity Play-at-Speed slider changes the pitch as well as the tempo. Stop playback or recording and modify the audio using Effect > Change Tempo or Effect > Sliding Time Scale. This may distort the audio a little (especially Change Tempo) but will not change the pitch.