Temp project files and folder will not delete [SOLVED]

I have a project file that appears in my Audacity temp folder that will not let me delete it. When I try it hangs and says not responding or when i cut and paste the file to my recycle bin in Windows 7 it just hangs at recycling. The size is 4.04MB. This is driving me crazy because each time I go to close any Audacity usage it hangs as not responding while trying to clean up (apparently the file I can’t delete). I even uninstalled the program and reinstalled and it’s still got the same issues and the temp file is still there because apparently an uninstall doesn’t uninstall everything. I even tried using File Assassin and it can’t delete it. It hangs too although I did see a msg that it couldn’t delete it because of an I/O error? HELP!!

Make sure you are using the current Audacity 2.1.1 from http://audacityteam.org/download/windows. I recommend when installing or reinstalling 2.1.1 that you put a check (tick) in the “Reset Preferences” box half way through the installation process. Complete the installation. On launching Audacity, confirm you want to reset preferences.

You should not have any project file in your temp folder. Save projects to your Desktop, Music folder or some other permanent location.

Force Quit Audacity in Windows Task Manager before trying to delete the temp folder.

Have you right-clicked over the Audacity temp folder, chosen “Properties” then checked on the “General” tab that the folder is not read-only and checked on the “Security” tab if you have “Full Control” permissions on the folder?

Otherwise perhaps you have an anti-virus application that is force locking the temp folder, or perhaps a virus is the cause, in which case you want to do a full scan with Malware Bytes or similar and then try deleting the folder.


I downloaded 2.1.1 again and did as you asked. I opened the program and then tried to close it without doing anything to it. First I get a not responding msg then I get a progress box that says Cleaning up temporary files which it says will take five hours to do, it stops on its own during the process and makes it so you can’t use anything else on the computer because of all the ram i assume it is taking up and I have at least 8 gb of that maybe 16. I never saved anything in a temp folder, Audacity did that on its own. I run malware bytes regularly. This issue is one temp project file showing up in the audacity temp folder on my computer that I still cannot delete.

Just a follow-up to say I ran a chkdsk /r and the files and folders I was trying to delete came up as having issues, it fixed them and deleted some of them and I was also able to delete the rest. So problem solved. :smiley: