Telephone recording

Hi - I am using Audacity to record telephone conversations/interviews through an Olympus TP8 in-ear pickup mic and the mic/headphone socket on my laptop (Realtek High Definition Audio).
However, the app only picks up my side of the convo - the other voice is not recorded (and it is the other voice I want to record).
Any ideas on how to fix (pse be gentle, I’m new to this…)

Are you recording from the TP8?

Do you know where the laptop microphone is? Mine is to the left of the left-hand shift key. Start a recording and scratch the TP8 and then scratch the laptop microphone. Which is louder? That’s the one you’re recording from.

Put the microphone in your ear and then use that ear to make the phone call. It works with both land-line phones and cellphones. It doesn’t work very well with conference or hands-free.

I got mine to work completely portable by plugging it into an Olympus stand-alone sound recorder in my pocket while I made a call on my cellphone—while walking around outside.

This is a TP-7. The only difference is the connector adapter. I need the adapter (comes with) to plug it into my Mac.

I’m a fan. It produces reasonable recordings without odd software, expensive hardware or system changes. It’s just a microphone that happens to be able to listen to phone calls.


Here’s a more recent one taken from trying to bring my home internet back to life after a service change.

It’s a mono microphone and the Olympus recorder is stereo, so it records on the left channel. That’s a couple of key clicks in Audacity to fix.


Like this. Menu pulldown to the left of the stereo (two blue waves) track > Split Stereo to Mono. [X] delete the dead track.


Hi @kozikowski - I can see what your reply means (and, yes, it seems to be recording from laptop mic which is above screen).
However, I can’t isolate the TP8 mic an use just that. Both waveforms are showing the ambient noise recorded by the laptop mic and neither is recording from the TP8.
I’ve been thinking there’s a setting in Windows that has been altered (perhaps by an update) to make the laptop mic the default. I’d have thought the mic/head socket should have been used if a mic was inserted.
Any ideas?

Should have said, I’m on Windows 10 v1803 build 17134.648

I think we just gently stepped into somebody else’s world. I don’t know exactly where sound preferences are in Win10 because I’m not a Windows elf.

This is what it looks like in Win7. Right-click the speaker icon.

And pick recording devices.

You should be able to get the little green sound meter to jump if everything is working.


OK, thanks.
It does look different in 10, but not significantly

Great. I hope this will work for me too.

You hope what works for you?
What problem are you having?

It does look different in 10, but not significantly

Post back if it works. Headset connections, microphone connections and headphone connections are all different. Sometimes they cross and sometimes they don’t.


OK, I don’t have the range of mics that you have, but I have not managed to isolate the TP8 (and not honestly sure which one it would be…)
I spoke to HP (it’s an X360 laptop) and as I’m still under warranty I’ll be checking to see if there’s a mic/headphone socket fault.

I have a call supposed to be tomorrow (thu) so I’ll see if that clarifies things…


Somewhere in the blizzard of expensive, artfully animated graphics, I got it to tell me it’s a Combo Audio Jack. But not what that means.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 18.21.55.png
Your TP8 is wired like “Microphone” in this illustration (scroll down).

If you just can’t get there, you can get a cheap adapter that adds an old-style, separate Headphone and Microphone to your new laptop. I have one machine which needs that.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 18.40.57.png
The whole thing still fits in your pocket.

Macs, always leading edge, no longer supply a USB connection without yet another adapter…

I have a New, InnaBox TP8 and it works both with the Startech adapter and the Olympus stand-alone recorders.


When you speak to HP, tell them you have a computer microphone with 1/8" Ring Tip Sleeve connection. That should get them home.

Computers have been supplying that connection for billions of years and just recently, they got one connection to do a lot of different jobs—sometimes.

Your TP8 will go straight into this pink hole. See that little microphone icon on top?

Or this one from a full-size computer.

That’s another thing you can tell them. It needs the pink connection on a soundcard.


This is one clip with a computer and Startech and one with an Olympus hand-recorder. It’s a little muffled because the microphone records my side through bone conduction and it works best when I have a phone jammed against my head.


Okay…this is what I just did

its reading my usb mic separately and I “disabled” the realtek microphone assay or whatever it is

I just re recorded it…I am just going to assume its a default of the sound of windows 10 processing…yuk…might not use this to do that anymore :blush: :unamused:

Right click on that window and enable the options to “show disabled devices” and “show disconnected devices”.
Does that reveal any additional options?

Well, Windows 10 escalation advisor tells me that Voice Recorder no longer records the other voice in telephone conversations. Said it does not do so with Android or IPhones but could not say for landline.
Also could not say why Audacity also does not record from TP8 mic. “Ask Audacity.”
HP guy suggested trying a different mic and I’m waiting for a new TP8 to arrive today (needed a spare anyway).
After that, HP guy calling back Monday… but has spoken about possible repair for mic/headphone socket if needed.
Thanks for your help people, esp Koz.
I’ll keep you informed

Voice Recorder no longer records the other voice in telephone conversations.

I don’t think it ever did. It’s been a constant problem.

When you have the microphone installed in your ear, you can tap it with your fingernail for sound testing. If your system is set for low volume, just speaking loudly may not be enough.

Getting past initial testing is a little rough.


I’m waiting for a new TP8 to arrive today

I have two, One TP7 and one TP8. One at home and the other for field use. They back each other up. In the field I use the hand-held recorder.