telephone recording

I have just downloaded Audacity and want to know if it can be used for telephone recording to my computer.
If so, can someone show me how.
Thank you

What kind of phone? A regular landline?

It usually requires a special gizmo. A regular phone line has voltages that can damage you soundcard if connected directly. (the ringing voltage is about 90V, and IIRC when on-hook, there can be up to 40VDC on the line.) You can look for a “phone recording tap”, or something like that.

If you have a smart phone, I assume you can just get an “app”. Then download the recording from your phone to your computer.

And if you do find an APP, post back and tell us about it. People try using the Personal Recorder all the time and that doesn’t work – or it works for the near side, but not the far.

I use the acoustic method which avoids getting tingled if you happened to be touching the phone line when it rings. 90 VAC ringing current smarts. Also I have two phone couplers and they’re terrible. This method works well with any phone, cell or landline.


And as in that posting, you are wiretapping and in some locations that’s illegal. Also rarely is it admissible in court.


Thanks for the replies,

My phone is a land phone and I am trying to record my telephone conversations to my computer with a KISS adapter kit which I bought on eBay but it came with no instruction and the seller is unable to offer any help.
I wonder if anyone out there may have the same adapter and can tell me how to hook this up.

with a KISS adapter kit

I’ve never heard of that. Does it have a phone connection and an audio connection of some sort? If there’s an audio output connector, you’d connect that to mic-in or line-in on your computer/soundard and you can record normally with Audacity.

Is that “kit” sold for telephone recording? If it’s not made specifically for phone recording, **do not attempt to use it!**Recording from a phone requires more than simple “connector adapters”… It requires some electronics… As I said, there are “dangerous” voltages on a phone line and you can wipe-out yoru soundcard (or motherboard) if you connect it directly.

If there’s a model number, maybe you can search the Net for instructions.

which I bought on eBay but it came with no instruction and the seller is unable to offer any help.

When you buy the cheapest thing you can find on eBay, sometimes you get a bargain and sometimes you get what you pay for! :smiley:

Recording telephone conversations is not easy and recording them well requires thousands of dollars of radio broadcast equpment. I found whenever I want to buy something I don’t entirely understand, I Google, for example: “KISS Telephone Adapter Complaints.”