Telephone Affects Recording


I had an experience that I wonder if anyone else has had. I was recording a record from my USB turntable when the phone rang. When I picked up the phone the recording stopped. My phone is a 2.4GHz corded/cordless type. My phone is inches away from the turntable and about 2 feet from the computer.

Do you know if the frequency generated by the phone can cause the recording to stop?

Any source of radio frequency transmission can effect other electrical equipment. You will probably find your phone came with various disclaimers regarding interference, and the advice to keep it away from other equipment. This is particularly the case with audio gear. The effect you describe is a little extreme, but not unknown.

Having the phone close to your audio gear may well have caused interference to the recordings you have made. You might want to check, if you don’t listen to every recording as you do it!

I’ve also heard of cordless phones interfering with audio equipment, but I agree this is an extreme example if that’s actually what happened.

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally hit the spacebar or knock the turntable or the power strip when you picked up the phone? That seems more likely to me.