Techno Effects

I just wanted to know how I can do the effects in these videos (these videos are not mine, I just want to know how to do the effects):

  1. TBOE-Butterfly on your right shoulder [rin]:
    1:30- “S-s-say Goodbye”- repeating effect
    1:54- “Smooth and Gloss”-repeating effect
    2:30-2:46 “please just cuddle me----because ive lost control” -robotic wavy-ish sound
    3:00-“On your right shoulder sat a purple butter fly…”-robotic wavy-ish sound
    3:16-“aga-ai-ai-ainn”- i don’t how to describe it

2)Justin-Butterfly on your right shoulder [len]:
0:20- “Woah~ oh~” choppy effect

Thats all and thank you for taking your time to help a newbie!

no one? :cry:

First, see here in the manual:

“S-s-say Goodbye”- repeating effect: “Delay”

2:30-2:46 “please just cuddle me----because ive lost control” -robotic wavy-ish sound (over) use of Antares AutoTune (also known a “T-Pain effect” - often used to disguise th inability to sing in tune). This effect requires AutoTune and MIDI control (not supported by Audacity) to achieve, though you may be able to achieve a similar effect using (Free) GSnap The MIDI and “real-time” features of GSnap are not supported in Audacity.

0:20- “Woah~ oh~” choppy effect: Tremolo with “Square” wave selected

1:34-‘Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-butterfly’: Try using the Equalization effect with settings similar to the “AM Radio” preset (, but even more extreme, then use either the Tremolo or Delay effects or a combination of both.

Thank you so much! :smiley:

I downloaded the Antares Autotune, it asked me if i should install the Pace Anti Piracy thing. Should I? Thanks :slight_smile:

You will not be able to use the MIDI or real-time features of AutoTune.
I’d suggest that you use GSnap rather than AutoTune - some of these “anti-piracy” gizmos can cause a lot of problems unless you install and fully register the full paid version of the software.

How do I get the delay effect sound like a stutter? Like the one in the video? I’ve played around the sliders there >_< but I can’t seem to find the one that matches the one in the video :frowning: Thank you again

Try making a short selection, for example one syllable from a word, then apply the Delay effect with settings similar to this (adjust to suit):

Type: Regular
Decay amount: 0
Delay time: 0.12
Pitch change: 0
Number of echoes: 4

It just sounded like an echo =( Here is a sample of the delay (using the settings you gave me):

Sorry I don’t have an account so I can’t hear that sample.
Some suggestions about uploading audio samples to the forum:

Oh sorry :slight_smile: Here it is :slight_smile:

0.1 seconds selected at the beginning of the word “kiss”.
3 repeats.
0.12 seconds delay time.

Great info guys been looking for a software to that does autotune gonna have a look want to use that affect on one of my songs