Techniques for sound isolation and suppression

I really need expert help from an audio expert in post processing of this audio recording of bells (change ringing).
pw bells

What I need to do is suppress as much as possible the sounds of the ropes and pulleys(obvious once you listen to the clip) while at the same time enhancing the sounds of the bells.

Not sure what is possible and any help-feedback appreciated!!

I’m familiar with basic compression, noise reduction and equalization techniques but have had no luck so far.

ps: No I can’t re-record:(

You were too close to the mechanics of the bells.

This comes under the rule of not being able to separate the parts of a mixed musical performance. You can’t take the violins out of the orchestra mix (as a rule) and you can’t separate the clapper and striker mechanism from this performance.

That’s the easy answer. What you could do is cut the performance and duplicate/overlay a tiny portion of clean bell sound to hide the clapper sounds. It’s surgical forensics and it’s the kind of thing they used to do to insanely valuable 78 recordings to get rid of the crackles and pops.

It shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of months.