technique for removing smacking-umming

I’m new to Audacity and sound editing. I’m cleaning up hours of audio (produced by Android Pixel 2 XL) and would appreciate advice for removing a recurring pattern.

One of the speakers has a “smacking-umming” tendency. I’ve attached a sample.

Manual cleanup is torturous but I can’t figure out how to remove the patterns programmatically. The patterns are variable and they are distributed through the recording, so Noise Reduction / Noise Profile is not an option. Is there a technique that is better than manual editing?

Thanks for your help.

If the smacks are all louder than everything else in the track, Pop Mute plugin could automagically detect & remove them.

Even if you have to do some of it manually, Pop Mute will make the process quicker: the selected audio does not have to be precise, it just has to be a section where the smack is louder than everything else in the selection.