Technique for Recording Soft Synth Audio

Hi everyone. I just joined the forum but have been using Audacity for many years. I’ve tried other recording software but have always come back to Audacity for the simplicity.

I wanted to pass on discovery I made recently on how to record soft synth audio while monitoring your other tracks. (Please forgive me if this has been discussed before.) Here are the steps:

  1. Load up your in-progress Audacity project as well as your stand alone soft synth.
  2. Select “Stereo Mix” as your Recording Device in Audacity.
  3. Adjust the pan on all of your existing recorded track to 100% left or right. (Make sure all tracks are panned 100% to the same side.)
  4. Set Recording Channels to “Stereo” in Audacity (if it isn’t already).
  5. Hit record and play your soft synth part.
  6. Click the drop-down on your newly recorded track and select “Split Stereo Track”.
  7. One of the new tracks from the split will contain your synth part combined with the other tracks and one will contain just your synth part. Keep the one with just your synth part and delete the other one.
  8. Set the panning back to how you want it on all of your tracks.
  9. Listen back!

Again, I apologize if this has already been thought of. Hopefully it helps somebody out!


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