Technical Term For This Kind of "Echo"?

Whenever I search for help with removing an “echo” from a recording, I end up with things like “deverb”. Is the attached sample “reverb” hence requiring a “deverb” plugin? Or is it something else requiring another kind of removal plugin?
whatisthetermforthiskindofecho.aiff (16.8 KB)

That’s just broken. I had Audacity do that to me once about a year ago. It actually recorded my voice perfectly but twice in the track and the two copies drifted in and out of sync. Hasn’t happened since.

I don’t know of any way to fix that in post production. “Normal” echoes such as your voice bouncing from a barn or the inside of an auditorium are deadly because they’re made up of the performer’s own voice arriving at the microphone multiple times. You are asking the software to remove the performer from themselves.

As fuzzy definition, I would call reverberation “fast echo,” and echo is a delay so long that you can perceive gaps between the performance and the copy. I’m sure there is a fancy-pants definition, but that’s the way they’re normally used. GVerb, for example, can be used to make echoes.


#1 It sounds like a single 100ms delay.

#2 It’s a gonner : there’s no way of fixing that.

Feedback? I don’t know.