Technical assistance with an audio file

I have an audio clip in both.wav and .mp3 that I need to get cleaned up in order to hear the voices on a telephone call.
I am not a fundi with Audacity and have downloaded it,however, it it proving time consuming to get the clear audio available and I am not sure if I am doing this correctly.
Is it possible to email my file to someone that is a fundi with this app and for it to be cleaned up for me?
This ight sound like a strange request, however, it is very important as I need to get this info within the next 24 hours.
Please advise,


Audacity is free software and we don’t have the resources to provide personal email support.

If the sound quality is so poor that you can’t hear what is being said, then it is highly unlikely that Audacity will be able to help.
The best option in Audacity is likely to be the “Telephone” preset in the Equalization effect. That will substantially reduce noise below and above the dominant frequency range of speech.

If that doesn’t help, then a professional audio-forensics service is your best option.

Thanks for the feedback…there is an improvement, however, there is a radio in the background that is the problem…remove that and the voices are clear

Too late now. You would have needed to turn off the radio before starting the recording.
Please also note that recordings of people made without their knowledge may be illegal.