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Audacity won’t give me the option in the drop down menu for a USB input for the mic. It lost that. I only get
Built-in Mic, Built-in input and ZoomAudioDevice. It had done this in the past, but quitting Audacity and reopening brought the selection back. I even restarted the computer. I need to do a revision for a client by tomorrow and I’m up a creek. HELP!!!

Addendum to previous tech help request - I’m using MacOS El Capitan 10.11.6 with Audacity 2.2.2
Lisa Korn

What is that?

Close Audacity.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. You should be able to see your microphone listed there and you should be able to make the built-in sound meter jump. If it’s not there, then the connection to your microphone is damaged or missing. A bad cable or ratty plug may be causing all your problems. It’s also possible the microphone is broken.

If it is there, start Audacity and your microphone should be there. Audacity uses the microphone until it vanishes, then it forgets about it. The microphone won’t come back by itself if you fix the connection or the connection comes back.

If it happens again, pull out and replug firmly all the microphone connections. Restart Audacity.

You can also Transport > Rescan Audio Devices instead of restarting Audacity.


Do Not leave Zoom or other chat applications running while you’re trying to record new work. Zoom takes over your sound services and you have nothing to say about it. Restart your Mac and don’t let Zoom start when the machine wakes up.

Check System Preferences and then start Audacity.