Teaming up with an audio engineer?

Hi Guys

I am an audio engineer and I looking to boost my portfolio with some podcast

I was wondering if any podcaster or content creator would like to work with me.

This would include me editing, mixing and mastering your podcast professionally completely free of charge of course.

If you’d be interested in something like this do message me on here or contact me on and we take it from there.

Best regards


I have removed your email from the posting. It’s a terrifically bad idea to post a hot email address on the forum. We get a lot of SPAM you never see because the elves remove it before it becomes visible. But they can read postings.

That, in turn, makes it difficult to post contact information. If you do get any hits from people wanting help, you can contact each other on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. I think once you fall out of moderation, you can contact each other via private messaging here on the forum. Until then, a forum elf has to OK your postings.

This would have gone a lot better had you quoted an actual geographic location. Red Brick Studios doesn’t apparently exist for audio in the US, that I’ve been able to tell.

And that brings us to another problem. Most people on the forum could do with hands-on. “Put your microphone here and talk like this.” “Scooch your chair closer and sit up straight.” “Don’t squeak your chair like that.” “Is there any way you can turn that refrigerator off?”

All stuff we can’t do from four time zones away one direction and five the other.

Solving problems across multiple time zones in messaging as we do is awkward. We’re clear on that. It’s like, as my joke goes, steering a large Truck/Lorry by way of rubber bands on the steering wheel. You can do that, but nobody would call it desirable.

So that’s what’s really needed.

Where are you?


Any idea how many post have to be made before you come out of moderation?

I would like to offer my services in this “Podcasters” forum as well. By no means do I know it all, but I have been running soundboards for close to 40 years. I live in Manassas Virginia and streamline my efforts into vocal recording, mostly the spoken word. I have been using Audacity for about 12 years now, if my memory serves me correctly. I use it for Church Services. I DO NOT record music per say, like 7 or 8 tracks combined. I use it to get audio ready for CD and MP3 distribution.

I also use Reaper 64. Just so you know, inside of Reaper is a hot key for your “Audio Editing Software” and that is where “Audacity” sits. I go between both software’s and by using features from both of them, it works like a champ! I have recommended Audacity to thousands and use the software weekly. Below is a picture of my 20 square foot studio. IE, my second bedroom. :slight_smile:

Manassas Virginia

Cool. How’s things at the battlefield?
I may be the only person you’ve ever met that’s lived in both Virginia (Arlington) and Maryland (College Park).

Do you travel?

If you get a hit on the forum, we’ll connect you.


Ya Brother, I run all over Norther Va. I thought you lived in Cali? I was born at Oceanside Ca. USMC brat. I just started a Podcasting Meet Up for Manassas last week. One member so far, time will tell.

I’m starting a podcast. I would like to team up with an audio engineer! How can I communicate with such I don’t quite understand how to get ahold of folks that actually want to help.

On this forum we provide free support for Audacity.

The scope of “official” support is for the Audacity program and how to use it, but we believe in a sense of community and may also be able to offer some assistance regarding related questions / issues, such as choosing equipment, hardware set-up, production techniques and so on. Strictly speaking, such matters are beyond the scope of the “official” support that we offer. This podcasting board was set up to encourage “community support” where people that make podcasts with Audacity can help their fellow podcasters. We do not allow commercial advertising on this forum.

One site that I know of that is specifically about making podcasts with Audacity is this one:
There are many others (use your favorite search engine).

One of the hardest parts of making a technically good podcast, is getting a good quality raw recording. Unless you can find someone locally to help you, that’s something that you need to learn how to do. You could try advertising locally to try and find someone wanting to collaborate on a podcast.

Hello, my name is Dana. I am a member of this community but I am not affiliated with them, in a Moderator role. I simply post here, just as you. I would like to offer you my course on “How To Podcast”. While I do this for a living, I never charge members, of the same on-line communities, I belong to. My only requirement is that you write a review of my process, good or bad, for me to show potential paying clients. You will need to fill out a quick questionnaire and we will proceed from there, if you choose to use my program. Thanks, Dana.