Tascam US-122L compatability

Hello, first time here.
I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and have Audacity 2.05, as supplied through the Ubuntu Software Centre; I’m also alarmingly untutored about many aspects of the technology!
I’ve been using Cubase LT on a Windows laptop with Vista, and Tascam US-122L as audio interface. It was intimidatingly complex setting up Cubase, but it works well. Since Vista is now old, it probably won’t work for ever, and I may well switch that laptop to Ubuntu.

if I experiment with Audacity on another Ubuntu machine, will the Tascam just plug in and work happily?
I’m ignorant enough not to know if setting it up for Cubase & Windows somehow programs settings in the Tascam, and I seriously don’t want to have to set it up again, as the Cubase version is no longer supported online, so the real question is - if it does work with Audacity and Linux, will it then happily plug back into Vista & Cubase?
Sorry this is so long, I can’t explain it more tersely.
I will greatly appreciate your help. Thanks for reading,

If the US-122L works with Ubuntu 14.04 then it should work fine with Audacity.
I don’t have a US-122L so I don’t know if it will work with Ubuntu, but more recent information on the Internet suggests that it should work. Best thing is to try it.

Assuming that it does work, you should connect the US-122L before you launch Audacity. Then open Audacity and select the USB device in the device toolbar.

Using the device on Linux will have no affect on using the device on Windows.

Thanks Steve,
That’s quick & helpful, and reassuring too!