tascam 2488 master

Can audacity help me enhance or boost a cd master produced on my 2488 ?

You can do whatever you want with Audacity. You can use EQ to enhance some frequencies (bass or treble), rearrange and repair some regions, add echo/fade-in/fade-out, etc… Especially I’d like to recommend the Steve’s Limiter2* plugin (you can download it here and check out how to install Nyquist plugins here). Use this baby to apply a light compression with make-up gain to boost the sound of your tracks.

  • Limiter2 plugin is for Audacity 1.3.4 or later

I think we have Windows 7. I need some advice on how and what to download from audacity and how much storage space it takes. Right now they have Windows Media Player. I would be loading a cd master from my Tascam 2488 and attempting to polish it up a bit , but mostly boost levels and burn a new master back from the computer. Mostly I’m trying to get a more commercial level master for duplication, replication. I’m a bit of a greenhorn and dummy late starter in all things computer so I need simple steps to follow. Sugarloaf

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Download 2.0.5 here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

You can see the size of the Audacity download there.

If you import a stereo audio file in any format into Audacity then by default it takes 20 MB of space per minute or 10 MB per minute for mono. Each time you edit the whole track in Audacity the space required goes up by the same amount again. So a 30 minute stereo song takes 600 MB to import, 1200 MB after applying one effect to the whole song, 1800 MB after applying another effect to the whole song and so on.

We don’t like to tell people how to master, because the way to do it is to experiment and learn and produce something that sounds good to you. Compression or limiting may be part of it, but you can take it too far.

If you want to do some reading you can dig around here: http://tinyurl.com/nxxdjvc .