Tape2USB gaget

OK so I bought this cassette player that is suppose to plug in a usb port and I should be able to put my cassettes on the computer(PC)
I plug in the cable from cassette player to usb port then loaded soft ware but I still can’t get cassettes on pc. I pushed play on the player and record on teh computer. Am I suppose to use the red and white rec input or play output on the cassette machine? What do I do with the Y jack.
Can some one give me step by step instructions on how to do this please and keep in mind when it comes to this kind of stuff I am an idiot so I need every step. I am on windows vista home edition in case you need to know that
Thank you

To start with we need the make and model of the tape machine, make and model of computer, and version of Audacity.

This page on the wiki is about USB turntables but the same advice (re: connection) will apply to your USB tape deck.


– Bill

Most devices like this depend on the USB cable to transfer the sound. You should need no other cables except to plug the tape player into the wall.

From there, we need to wait for one of the Windows Elves to help. I know Windows has to recognize the tape player first before Audacity will even dream of working. That process is different for each Windows.


This is the ION device right? If as Koz says it is intended to transfer the signal to the computer. ION probably also include a cable so you can connect this deck to a hi-fi system or mini system (as they do with their ION turntables).

See the page from the Wiki tha BillW has referred you to above. As he indicates it is primarily written about turntables but most of the information applies to tape devices like yours and to external USB soundcards.