Tape to Audacity

just trying to get 10 mins of audio from a casette tape into audacity to make mp3 file.

got huge Pioneer music centre

put cable from phones socket into pink socket in back of desk top comp

( 6 sockets there picked top right )

put audacity on comp

hit record

Not one glimmer of an audio signal … flat line all the way !

Ive got windows xp on the desktop

These colours aren’t really standardized. Could be the pink socket is for center and sub. And when you play back music, there’s no signal on center and sub.

Have you tried the green socket?

Ive tried all the sockets… no luck

there are 3 sockets in a line and 3 sockets underneath

I think the pink top right is audio in
the green top middle is audio out .

my cable has a plug each end that fit the sockets at the back of most
dvd recorders… sat boxes etc so Ive had to put adaptors on to fit the sockets on the comp
and on the music centre. maybe thats causing a prob ?

TRYING again to do a basic task… getting a sound signal from my big pioneer music centre into my desktop comp

and into Audacity … 3 sockets in a line… blue green pink

I think the pink socket is the line in for sound but tried all 3 … not one sign of a signal on audacity

Pink is usually for a microphone, or more specifically for a “pc microphone”.

What you want is “line in” which should be the blue one, but Cyrano says the colors are not well standardized. I’d recommend trying to find a “quick start guide” for your particular sound card and/or computer.

Second step is to make sure that you get the “line input” selected in the sound control panel settings. These tend to vary wildly depending on what you have so it is hard to give more accurate direction.

many thanks for that advice Ill have to try and do that

but on this new desk top comp with windows 10 its a battle to find the sound settings !

but Ill have a go !!

got onto sound… then recording

Im on the setting line in … realteck hi def audio

theres a frame to the right with green bars moving up and down

I turn up the vol on my Pioneer music centre and the green lines climb a little higher so
that proves the signal is getting into my desktop ;…

problem is that theres no sign of a signal on audacity … and Im not getting any sound in my computor speakers
is there some setting I should change in audacity
to get the signal in ?

In the Audacity program there is a drop-down menu next to the little microphone for selecting the input source.

The “line in” should appear as one of the options there.

I see two drop down menus either side of the mic icon and all refer to speakers

finally managed to get the recording done…

I think this might have helped

I went to sound
then recording
hit… microphone … and … microphone properties… came up
then hit… listen … and saw box " listen to this device " so ticked that

Im back again trying to record a tape from my pioneer music centre into my desk top …

once again… not getting any sound… having to go thru this maze of setting s once again !!!

FINALLY getting the sound playback …

prob seems to have been the cable from pioneer to comp … gave it a jiggle and sound came thru !